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1980s Games of Note

Vs. Boston: Rod Langway peeks at Pat Riggin - who became a Bruin in 1985 (Book Pg. 238)  Vs. Boston: Darren Veitch defends with Pete Peeters; Pete, in his former home rink, after being swapped for Riggin  (Book Pg. 238)  Vs. Boston: Dale Hunter All Caps:  Goal! Milan Novy  All Caps:  Goal! Craig Laughlin, flanked by linemates Ted Bulley and Bengt Gustafsson All Caps:  Goal!   All Caps:  Goal! Michal Pivonka, Scott Stevens  All Caps: Pete Peeters, Kevin Hatcher   All Caps:  Bobby Gould (23), with Lou Franceschetti (32) awaiting the pass  All Caps: Scott Stevens, Pete Peeters   All Caps: I'll take Ken Houston for the block   All Caps:  Dale Hunter gets to pose with goalie Clint Malarchuk...  All Caps: ...but Rod Langway gets a hug, too  All Caps:  Rod Langway and Scott Stevens, a pair of Hall of Fame defensemen   All Caps: This can't be as comfortable as Geoff Courtnall is making it look  All Caps: And I mean, ALL Caps  Vs. Chicago: Bobby Gould Vs. Edmonton: Rod Langway, ready to deflect Wayne Gretzky's pass; Al Jensen hugs the post Vs. Hartford: Scott Stevens captures a Whale Vs. LA: Dale Hunter mugs a King Vs. Minnesota: Ken Houston trades shoves with future Capital Dino Ciccarelli  Vs. Minnesota: Timo Blomqvist  Vs. Minnesota: Steve Leach Vs. NJ: Rod Langway's motto - 'None Shall Pass!'  Vs. NJ: Rod Langway - 'I Said, None Shall Pass!'  Vs. NJ: Rod Langway - no Devil trying to pass  Vs. NJ: Dave Christian  Vs. NJ: Bob Gould  Vs. NJ: Pete Peeters Vs. NYI: Mike Gartner  Vs. NYI: Rod Langway   Vs. NYI: Bengt Gustafsson   Vs. NYR: In a Dec. 10, 1982 game, Bryan Engblom (9) scored with 1:48 left to tie the Rangers, 4-4  Vs. NYR: Bobby Carpenter  Vs. NYR: Mike Gartner, Bobby Carpenter  Vs. NYR: Craig Laughlin, Kevin Hatcher  Vs. NYR: Scott Stevens  Vs. NYR: Craig Laughlin zigs, but the puck zags Vs. Philly: Rod Langway, Broad Street Bullying  Vs. Philly: Langway and goalie Bob Mason double-team Murray Craven  Vs. Philly: Randy Holt tells Brad McCrimmon to get his long pants away from Al Jensen  Vs. Philly: Prone Pete Peeters Plays Puck  Vs. Philly: Clint Malarchuk started four games at the Spectrum while with the Caps...  Vs. Philly: ...Clint won 3 of 4, including a 42-save, 1-0 shutout on Jan. 26, 1989  Vs. Philly: Kevin Hatcher, Pete Peeters  Vs. Philly: Dave Christian watches the puck elude flamboyant Flyer Ron Hextall  Vs. Philly: Hextall beaten again, to the delight of Mike Gartner Vs. Quebec: Mike Ridley Vs. St. Louis: Dale Hunter  Vs. St. Louis: Rod Langway Vs. Toronto: Mike Gartner Vs. Winnipeg: Darren Veitch, Bengt Gustafsson


Playoff Misery


Hunter's Shot

Dale Hunter Video Primer

This video vividly demonstrates what fellow warrior Chris Chelios told about Hunter's style of play: "As much as you hate him, it's the same old story, you'd love to have him on your team." (Book Pg. 294)

"Prior to the Stanley Cup Finals run of 1998, there was no debate about the single most thrilling moment in Washington Capitals history.

"It came at Capital Centre, late on the night of April 16, 1988. "It" was Dale Hunter's overtime goal in Game 7 of Washington's opening round Stanley Cup playoff series with Philadelphia."

Below, the Hunter goal as shown live on three sports networks: nationally on ESPN and Canada's TSN, and regionally on Home Team Sports.

Hunter's Shot Video

Mike Emrick:
"Breaking is Hunter...
He's by the defense... Score!"

Jim Hughson:
"Hunter streaking through
the middle... The pass...
Hunter's in on a breakaway!"

Mike Fornes:
"Murphy starts the rush...
He hits Hunter... He's in alone...
A shot and a goal!"


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